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In order to encourage the purchase of products with reduced environmental impact, Kastel is committed to rethinking its models in a sustainable way, and a good number of them complies with Common GPP Criteria (CAM -minimum environmental criteria- in Italy).
CAM derive from international environmental policies such as GPP (Green Public Procurement). This means that CAM compliant products are highly sustainable according to the best European standards and regulations. Check all our green certifications with international value.

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What are Common GPP criteria?

What are the Common GPP Criteria?

The Common GPP Criteria (CAM) for the supply of interior furniture can be defined as the sum of technical and process requirements that a particular product must possess to be compliant and eligible for purchase according to the directives of the PAN GPP (Green Public Procurement).

The Contracting Authority (Public Administration) is obliged to request the Common GPP Criteria (CAM) in relation to all supplies of products.


The Italian reference standard is the DECREE 23 June 2022. Published in the Official Journal n. 184 dtd 08.08.2022 and entered into force on 6th December 2022.

A new quality concept inspired
by eco-design

The environmental impact of the furniture is mainly
due (80-90%) to the materials and components used.

What are Common GPP criteria?

Let's put a green dot on the K

Our furniture products are designed and built with particular attention
to sustainability, they are solid, durable and modular.

What are Common GPP criteria?

Kastel vademecum for a proper
management of Common GPP Criteria (CAM)

It is not enough to talk about philosophies of sustainability.
We need to be concrete and implement a series
of actions aimed at obtaining of objective,
and therefore measurable, results.

The advantages of Kastel Common GPP Criteria (CAM)

Transparency . Original Documents . Certificates . Reconstruction of the supply chain . Fire reaction homologations

Monitorability . Ease of use of the material . Verifiability . Wide range of products and finishes . Dedicated staff

Seriously sustainable

Kastel takes the concept of sustainability very seriously and does so through a timely approach to the drafting of Common GPP Criteria (CAM) dossiers.
The complete collection of documents is not only technical and exhaustive but clear and easy to use.

A concrete tool to approach the sustainability market in a correct and authoritative way.

The procedures for drafting and managing Common GPP Criteria (CAM) documentation have been certified by Bureau Veritas since 1828, a world leader in inspection, conformity verification and certification services.


Certifications measure our progress and
certify our products making us proud.

The procedures for drafting and managing Common GPP Criteria (CAM) documentation have been certified by Bureau Veritas.

What are Common GPP criteria?

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